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Construction features

Carbon Fiber Handle (CFH) for spinning and jigging reels

  • Trees by grafting and knob in stainless steel AISI 316 
  • Graft tree cover in Anticorodal 6082. 
  • Treatment of Anodic oxidation for parts in Anticorodal. 
  • Four sizes: 60 mm. 70 mm. 80 mm. 90 mm. 
  • Weight, 80 mm/ 37gr. - 70 mm/ 32 oz. - 60 mm/ 29 gr. (except Power Knob). 
  • The Power Knob mounting including 2 stainless steel ball bearings Aisi 418 -(CRBB). 
  • Daiwa reels supported: the complete range from size 2.5 to 4.5K/5K (RFour series). 
  • Shimano Stella SW-FA-FB-4K/5K/6K/8K/10K/18K/20K/30K Twin Power SW-FA-FB-4K/5K/6K/8K/12K. TICA Talisman 8K.
Handles are equipped with Power Knob GPA.

 A series dedicated to Stella and Twin Power size 

SW Series /FA/FB/SFE

Shimano Stella 5K SW

Shimano - Stella 5K FA

Daiwa - Certate 2.5K - R Custom

Daiwa - Certate 4K

Daiwa - Saltiga Z 4.5K

Daiwa -  Morethan Branzino 3K

  Series for Daiwa 3K

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Read the article by Alfio Elio Quattrocchi on Kayakero

Kayakero di Alfio Elio Quattrocchi



The POWER KNOB are knobs for fishing reels, made of aluminium (ANTICORODAL 6082) and Eva/Foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) with high density.
The purpose of the POWER KNOB is to give more ergonomic and easy in fishing,  
making each customization and the aesthetic of the reel unique, according to their own tastes and needs.
  • We start from a consideration
Of the entire reel, the only part that every fisherman holds and with which he has an ongoing relationship, it's just the knob, especially for those who practice spinning and VJ, more than any other fishing technique. 

The idea of POWER KNOB arises from the need to optimize the performance of this piece which is often overlooked by manufacturers.  

  • The ergonomic aspect
The shape of the POWER KNOB has been designed to prevent hand fatigue and to improve grip, in fact the design comes from the form of a semi sphere, the wide part of the Foam is positioned naturally between the second and third phalanx index/middle and guarantees, with the thumb grip, a natural finger contact position.

  • Good grip even under extreme conditions (water/cold)
The use of Eva/Foam make possible a great grip of the POWER KNOB even in wet conditions and the generous size allows sensitivity, even in case of extreme cold. 

  • Optimization of the weight and balance of the handle
The tree of POWER KNOB without ball bearings, weighs only 12.5 gr. This means that being launched, the handle is not affected by the inertia caused by the weight of the knob and does not affect the rotation of the rotor, causing accidental closures of the bow.

  • Possibility of matching colors and spare parts
The POWER KNOB has the removable Eva/Foam part, with a simple movement and the aid of a dedicated key, it is possible to remove the screw head and the foam; this allows the change under any circumstances, without replacing the tree or having to dismount the handle.

  • Three sizes: Medium-Large-Extra Large
The available sizes are three (M-L-XL), with which it is possible to cover all sizes of reels, making the most appropriate combinations to fit your needs, for size: from 2.5K to 30K, Shimano and Daiwa. 

The diameters of the Eva/Foam are:
Size M-35 mm./ Size L-42 mm./ Size XL-46 mm.

  • Accuracy of mating and performance improvement
All POWER KNOBS are mounted on two balls bearing, shielded type (CRBB) for both Shimano and Daiwa models, all conform to the standard measures and coupling determined by the manufacturers.

  • Compatibility Table POWER KNOB spinning and jigging Reels Daiwa (size 2.5K/4K)
Exsit / Certate / Morethan Branzino / Saltiga Game / Steez / Luvias / Bradia / Caldia Kix / Freams Kix / Emeraldas / Team Daiwa / Seagate / Infeet / E-Gee / New Presso / New Gekka / Fuego / Advantage / Tierra / Sol / Exeler / 2013 Aegis 

  • Reels Daiwa (size 4.5K/6K and above) that can fit the knobs XL:    Saltiga Z / Saltiga Blast / Fream J / Seagate / Opus Bull / Phantom J / Catalina 

  • Reels Shimano (size 3K/30K) that can fit the knobs M, L and XL: Stella SW / Twin Power SW / Stella FA /Saragosa F / Navi PG / Stradic FI - FB / Biomaster PG / Sephia / Sustain FE / Technium FB / Saros F / Simetre FJ / Rarenium C14 / New Ultegra /Fireblod / AR-C Aero

  • Color table can be combined with all sizes


All Power Knob of serial "3" are supplied with stainless steel key for mounting head screw

New serial POWER KNOB - MF4/LF4/XLF4

with new colors

Video tutorial: description of the installation of a Power Knob.



The Reel Stand is a small extension that is screwed in place of "Side Cup",  it serves as a support leg to reel, when you want to place the barrel on the ground for the sake of hands-free.

This valuable little piece of accessory is to provide safety for scratches and accidental contact with the reel. A typical example is when we're fishing on the reef, where the rock surfaces are often sharp and the touch of the reel or rod on these surfaces may cause scratch marks or scratches.
The Reel Stand screws easily instead of the regular Side Cup and can be mounted or removed at any time.

The material with which it is built is Anticorodal 6082, the same League that produced the Power Knob; the weight is only 6 grams and a O-Rings located inside the threaded part which guarantees a watertight seal.

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Brief foto gallary with my friend Vincenzo Muscolo collaborator and testimonial of the famous Italian brand Molix.

Daiwa Saltiga Z-4500 GPA Custom Handle CFH 80mm. + Power Knob XL size.

Daiwa Saltiga Z-4500 + GPA Custom Handle CFH 80mm. + Power Knob XL size.

Daiwa Saltiga Z-4500 GPA Custom Handle CFH 80mm. + 
Power Knob XL size.

Daiwa Certate Hiper Custom 4000 + GPA Side Cup + 
GPA Custom Handle CFH 70mm.

Daiwa Certate Hiper Custom 4000 + GPA Side Cup + 
GPA Custom Handle CFH 70mm.

Daiwa Certate R Custom 2500 + Power Knob M size.

Daiwa Ryoga + GPA Power Knob L size.

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